LOD Outdoors
"Living Our Dream"


Our mission is to share our passion and knowlege of our sport with whoever we come in contact with, and to pass on our hunting heritage to future generations.


We are a group of very experienced sportsmen who enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. We pursue almost every game animal in NYS. Our biggest passions are bowhunting and turkey hunting. We also spend a fair amount of time hunting waterfowl, predators, and chasing rabbits.

General Information

We are not "hunters", but "sportsmen". The way we distinguish between the two is this: Hunters are those people that landowners dread knocking on their doors. These guys lack respect for other people, their property, and nature. Sportsmen on the other hand, are those people who landowners WANT knocking on their door. We are keepers of the land. We respect our peers, the landowners and their property, and most of all, nature.